Simple DIY Chokers

Did you know that the choker necklace has a long history? In fact the designs were made from various materials, such as diamonds, pearls, lace, ribbons and velvet. It came back in the 90s and now they are back in style again.

Chokers are super versatile and cute everyday accessory. You can wear it with casual wear or even formal wear. It gives an illusion of a longer neck.

I came up with two very easy DIY chokers that you can make in no time. All you need is a piece of lace or ribbon long enough to circle your neck. If you want, you can even add beads, stones or any embellishments to your choker. As I wanted to keep it simple and modern, I did not add any embellishment.

You will Need


1. The wrap choker
Wrap it around your neck twice. Then, tie in a knot or in a bow.


2. The lace choker
Tie the ribbon ends together at the back of your neck.


Give it a try!

Lots of Sparkles,