Quick and easy Halloween looks

I thought of sharing couple of easy Halloween makeup looks that I did today. You can become any character you want to be. I had so much fun creating these looks.


The skull : I created this look for my husband. First I mapped out the basic shapes. From there I built up the layers. It is not hard as it looks. I had white foundation and concealer. Using a beauty blender I bounced it on the face. I used eye liners and eyeshadows for the eyes, nose and mouth.


Tribal/Red Indian look: This is very simple and easy. All you need is some white and brown foundation I used beauty blender for the face makeup and a pointy brush for detailed work.

Hope you enjoy my post on Halloween looks.

Lots of Sparkles,

  • OMG! I love both looks!!! Looking forward to video tutorials in your future!

    • Thank you so much. Yes coming soon 😀.