Basic eye makeup steps

Makeup is really fun. When I first started makeup, I was very excited and wanted to learn how to apply makeup correctly.

Here you will learn how to do a basic eyeshadow application. Once you know the basics and the right places to apply different colors, you can create beautiful looks.

The eye shadow needs to be blended seamlessly without being muddy and messy. The more you practice the better you are.

brushes makes all the difference when it comes to applying makeup.

For those who are new to makeup, it is important to know the right techniques. Here you will find the complete guide to basic eye makeup application and parts of the eye for your easy reference.

parts of the eye for eye makeup

Blend It

Blending is the key to a very smooth and beautiful eye makeup. Don’t leave a harsh line. Always blend, blend and blend.

Prime it

Apply an eye primer before applying eyeshadow. It helps to bring out the pigment of the eyeshadow and helps the eyeshadow to stay in place.

Beginners eye makeup guide

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