5 Makeup mistakes that makes you look older

Makeup mistakes

Makeup is about expressing yourself and doing what makes you look and feel good. It’s about what works for you. While you experiment and have fun playing around with makeup, remember to avoid these mistakes.

1. Over plucked and over drawn eyebrow. When eyebrows are well groomed they can enhance the eyes and the entire look. Follow their natural arch for your best shape. Over plucked and over drawn eye brows make you look older. Over plucking can hamper the growth of the eye brow in the long run. Use an eye brow pencil or powder to fill up the empty spaces if you have bald patches.

2. Only lining the lower lash line of the eye with eyeliner. It’s just easy to apply eyeliner on the lower lash line and go out the door. Applying the eye liner only on the lower lash line can drag your features down. The overall appearance looks older and makes you look tired. It’s better to apply the eyeliner on lower and upper lash lines. It can open your eyes up and brighten your face. Make sure to get the product as close to your lash line as possible. You can add a touch of dark shadow to the lower lash line for a softer look.

3. Outlining lips with a dark lip liner. Use a lip liner as the same shade of your lipstick. Make sure to fill in the lips with the lip liner before applying the lipstick. Lip liner should not be visible.

4. Blush on the apples of the cheeks. It drags down your features and makes you look older. Apply blush on the highest point on your cheekbones, not too close to the nose and lift it upwards with a blush brush.

5. Thick foundation. Use a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer. If you have dry skin, apply moisturizer before applying any foundation. Make sure to use a right shade and bring it down to your neck and ears. Remember little bit goes a long way. Spread it over your face and thoroughly blend it.