10 Makeup Tricks

If you know me, you obviously know that I love makeup and love putting makeup on. I’m sure that to some extent we all love makeup. If not everyday, then at least for special occasions. Today I am going to show you 10 very simple tips and tricks that you need to know when applying makeup.

beauty blender

1. Foundation: Prime first
Use a face primer before applying foundation. Apply the primer to the areas where you have pores and fine lines. I personally love to apply my foundation using a damp beauty blender as you can see in the picture. It gives me a smooth finish and my makeup will last longer. Bounce the beauty blender onto your skin with a little bit of foundation. Do not rub.

2. Concealer: Foundation first, then concealer
If you are using a foundation, apply the foundation first then apply your concealer. In that way, you know which area needs more coverage. Gently pat a small amount of concealer on the blemishes with your finger or brush. Do not rub.
If your winged eyeliner is not perfect, you can clean it up with a little concealer to get a crisp and neat line.
If you smudged your lipstick, you can clean the edges with a little concealer.


3. Powder: Lipstick – Powder trick
If you want to stain proof your lipstick and want a longer lasting application, here is a trick for you and I can tell you it really does works.
Apply your lipstick as usual on your lips. Take a tissue, separate the tissues to get a single ply. Put the single ply tissue over your lips and dust some lose powder on the lips (over the tissue) using a powder brush. Then re-apply the lipstick.
To blend your eyeshadow smoothly, apply powder using a blender brush on your eyelids before eyeshadow application.


4. Blush: Easy eye look in seconds
When you are in a hurry, if you want a wash of colour on your eyelids, you can apply blush as an eyeshadow by sweeping it across your eyelids. Apply mascara to finish it off. (Remember to use an eye primer on your eyelids first).

5. Bronzer: Adds a little colour to your face
Bronzer is not too much for contouring, it is more for giving your face a little bit of glow and adding a little colour.
Dust a little bronzer on top of your forehead, the cheekbone, and on the jaw line. I like to think of it as making the number 3 and letter E on my face.
You can also use it as an eyeshadow and sweep it across your eyelids.


6. Highlight: Instant lift
If you need a glow or an instant face lift, all you need to do is highlight the highest points of your face.
After filling your brows, use a highlighter pencil or powder, apply under the brow bone and blend it down.
Using powder highlight, apply to the top of your cheek bones and your nose as well. You can use matte or lightly shimmery highlighters.


7. Lipstick: Fuller lips
If you want a fuller lip, after applying your lipstick, dab some shimmery highlighting shadow to the middle of your lips and then apply a lip-gloss. You can also use a lighter toned lipstick.
For pouty lips, dab some shimmery highlighting shadow on to your cupid bow.
Sometimes when you apply darker lip colours, the excess can get into your teeth. To avoid this, simply apply your lipstick, put your finger inside your mouth and close your mouth. Take your finger out and the excess lipstick will stick to your finger.


8. Eyeshadow: Giving dimension to your eyelids
This trick is to give a dimension to your eyelids.
After applying eyeshadow to your eyelids, pat some shimmery eyeshadow just on the middle of the eyelid.
To get a perfect crisp line on the outer corner of the eye, paste a piece of tape parallel to the eye brow. Apply your darker eyeshadow and then remove the tape.
You also can use eyeshadows as eyeliners. Take your angled brush, slightly dampen it then draw on the lash line with any colour eyeshadow of your choice.


9. Eyeliner: Sticky- Trick
To get a perfect cat eye liner or winged look, apply a piece of tape underneath the eye so that it is pointed towards the end of the eye brow. Using an eye liner brush, apply some gel or liquid liner to the upper lash line and continue the line by following the tape and fill in your wing that you have created. The tape will give you a crisp and perfect line.
For those of you who need more practice in applying your eyeliner, this is a trick for you! Tilt your head back and look in to the mirror. Using a pencil liner make short strokes along the upper lash line. Start from the middle of the lash line then to the sides.


10. Mascara: If you mess, use a Q-tip
If mascara gets onto your lids, wait for it to dry then clean it up with a Q-tip.
To apply mascara without touching your eyelids, tilt your head back and look down. Apply your mascara.

So these are my simple 10 tricks that I find useful for me when applying my make up! Hope it helps you too! Thank you for reading!

Lots of Sparkles,